Our furry, and feathered friends | Photo | "FOR SALE"



  • Parakeet/budgie splits $20 ea.
  • English budgies $30 ea.
  • Cockatiels $45-65 ea.
  • Lovebirds, peachfaced $40-50 ea. fishers $75-85 ea.
  • Pacific paroletts $150-200 ea.
  • Proven pair green cheek conures $500
  • Proven pair indian ringnecks $500
  • Proven pairs cockatiels $100-125 ea. pair
  • Proven pairs peachfaced mutation lovebirds $125 pair
  • proven pair paroletts $200


For sale:

2 fawn female, CKC reg. pug puppies  $500 ea.

Stud service:

1 yr. old fawn english bulldog, AKC registered, $asking pick of litter for stud fee

1 1/2 yr. old, 3lb. pomeranian, CKC registered, $asking pick of litter for stud fee


  • Cages
  • Toys
  • Bird seed
  • Spray millet
  • Baby formula
  • Provita stress, and breeding supp.


Whats new???

Our newest addition!!!

     We are now, temporarilly fostering a chocolate colored, female pitt bull. "miracle" was dropped of on the side of john sevier hwy. during 5 o'clock trafic. She will be going up for "adoption" after she has her puppies. yea, to beat it all she is VERY pregnant. We are awaiting pups now, but they will also be up for adoption after they are weaned. There will be adoption fees for both mom, and puppies... $75 for mom (and must sign a spay contract), and $25-50 for each puppy (this will cover their puppy shots and wormings).      Will post pictures when they are born!!!

 UPDATE: "Miracle" has now delivered 9!!! beautiful, and healthy puppies. They all look to be full blooded pit bulls, 6 girls, and 3 boys. They are black, and red, and have a few red nosed. See their first pictures (day 1) on our photo page.