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Our furry, and feathered friends

The birds

     Ah, our feathered family... where to start.   Well as you will see on our photo page, we have several that are our pets, most of whom were rescued. Gumby(yellow nape), Charlie(cockatoo), Ozzy(macaw), and Dakota(macaw) are all "moma's babies".  Then we also breed, seasonally avail., handfed baby Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets/budgie splits, English budgies, Green cheek conures, Indian ringnecks, and Pacific paroletts. And often have breeder pairs for sale. Please see our "for sale" list for birds currently available. Or e-mail us for more info. or if your in need of something not on the sale list.


The dogs

     Of course, as well as birds wel have dogs. lol. Our Pugs... We usually have one litter a year, 4-5 to a litter. Mom is a black CKC reg., and dad is a fawn AKC reg. Studs... We have an AKC English bulldog, as well as a CKC, 3 lb. Pomeranian. I would like to have pick of litter from breeding for stud fee. See our "for sale" page for available pups, or e-mail for expected date of next litter. Or view our photo page for pictures of "tater tot" our english bulldog, and "bently" our pomeranian.

About us:

           I have bred and rasied dogs all of my life, but full head over heals in love with parrots about 7 yrs. ago,  and have been breeding for a little over 5 now. Our dogs are just as much a part of our family as the kids. :)  And my birds rarely leave my sholder.  I hope you enjoy your time here, and remember... Look for the "whats new" section of the for sale page. We often have rescues come threw, so check back often to see all of our new guys.

          We are also in the process of converting our new storage barn into a full aviary. A fun, but tiring process. lol. But we will be posting photos, and info. on the renovation as it gets completed. :)


           I have lots of bird supplies, will sell supplies alone, or have starter kits available also.  I have cages, your choice of colors, as well as hand made bird toys, parakeet/cockatiel/parrot seed, handfeeding formula, and much more. As well as some used cages for sale at times. Come see us at the sevierville flea market, we set up about twice a month on sudays. Or e-mail to find out the next time we will be set up. 

Contact info:

For current availability, pricing, and pictures, or for quantity or starter kit pricing

Please contact Angela Riseden

phone- (865)673-6132

email- angie2jason@aol.com

***We are currently under consruction! :)  Will be making changes, and adding more pictures as we go, so please check back. :)  Thanks for visiting!!!!!

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